"Venomburners! Stay near the lights dwarves, they eat through your ale in the darkness!" - BruceWillakers

Venomburners are special monsters that drain dwarven mana in darkness to heal themselves and can spray fire to harass and damage the dwarves. They have 25 hearts of health and can take a beating from even the likes of BruceWillakers in darkness. Venomburners also have Speed 2 and Jump Boost 4 buffs to help them in the fight.

Note: As of the Nismas update, Venomburners are no longer a playable mob, but do still have the texture in the resource pack.

Spider Fangs Edit

Spider Fangs are the Venomburner's weapon. On left click these will deal 11 damage and if in the darkness will drain 25 points of a dwarf's mana and heal the venomburner by 2.5 hearts. On right click venomburners will spray out fire which will harass the dwarves by blocking their vision and dealing damage to them (two hearts per tick).

  • Note: The +2.5 hearts gained when left-clicking have 2 conditions: The dwarf must be in darkness and the target must be a dwarf. Also spamming the left-click works efficiently for increased hearts gained.

Event Edit

When Venomburners spawn, Bruce will say one of five options: