This page contains information about the jargon (language, dialect) used by players in the game.

Abbreviations Edit

PROC, Proc, or proc Edit

All of the above stand for Powerful Rampage, of Course.

GG or gg Edit

Stands for good game, usually said when a player dies and when the game ends.

Pls, pls, plz

Stands for please.

Nicknames Edit

Jimmy, Jimmies Edit

Term for any player or players.

Bruce, Willy, Brucie, Bruse, Broos, or OldMan Edit

All of these may refer to either the in game Hero BruceWillakers or Robert Moran the lead developer of the game.

Nis, or Niso Edit

Refers to either the Hero NisovinsIllusion, or the Dev Nisovin.

Ramen Edit

Refers to the Hero RoaminThePaladin.

Infil Skelly or Infil Edit

Refers to infiltrator Skeletons who can pass shrine protection un-hindered.

Holy Noodle Edit

This term is just another way of saying Holy Blade. If you look at it, it does rather look like a noodle.

Pot Edit

Short for Healing Ale.

Horn, Honr, H, or Hron Edit

This is a call for help from from the Hero BruceWillakers who has the buffalo horn that gives everybody a proc.

Venomburger Edit

Another way of saying Venomburner.

Holem Edit

Another way of saying Golem

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