This page is about surviving dragon events. For information about the dragons, visit the Dragons page.

Daragor Edit

When dwarves hear the audio clip for when he spawns, they should build a quick roof over their head so they have shelter from some of Daragor's attacks.

Have many Arrows crafted, as dwarves use a lot of arrows to take down Daragor.

If at any point during the battle Daragor comes near a dwarf, that dwarf should get away as fast as they can.

If any audio clip from Daragor last longer than 5 seconds, that is a WORLD CRACKER, and all dwarves should get away from the area he will strike.

If he is breathing fire that looks like blocks of fire, try to avoid getting hit by one, as a dwarven helmet will take a lot of durability very quickly if a dwarf is hit.

If he is breathing a stream of fire, he will kill a dwarf very quickly if said dwarf is in the stream of fire. It is possible to survive if the dwarf spams their potion.

As dwarves, DO NOT GROUP UP, as Daragor will target groups of dwarves.