"Spiderlings! Dwarves, we need to keep them away from the walls!" - BruceWillakers

Spiderlings are special monsters that corrode walls and poison dwarves with their fangs. They have only three hearts of health, so they can take very few hits. However, spiderlings have a speed and jump boost effect to help them maneuver the battlefield.
Wool colored lime

Spiderling Fangs Edit

Spiderling Fangs are the spiderling's weapon. Right clicking allows them to spray slimeballs which will corrode walls by turning blue brick into gray brick and then into lime wool which goblins can help blow up. With the +15 attack damage spiderlings can also help kill dwarves and also poison them, but due to their low health, spiderlings may be forced to employ hit and run strategies or similar if they wish to remain alive.

It is worth noting that the slimeballs cannot corrode blocks from the top, and are only effective if shot at a block from the side or underneath. They do not, however, need to make contact with a block to corrode it, just hit nearby. Additionally, the slimeballs do not damage, poison, or affect the dwarves or other monsters in any way.


When Spiderlings spawn, BruceWillakers will say one of 2 options: