• Corrupted Oasis
  • Bridge to the Front Wall
  • Front Desert
  • Mob Spawn - Anubis
  • Path to the Corrupted Oasis
  • Supply Shacks
  • Sphinx Shrine
  • Stairs to the Buried Pyramid Cavern
  • Path to the Buried Pyramid
  • Buried Pyramid
  • Pyramid Shrine
  • Mob Temple (Not Mob Spawn)
  • Inside the Mob Temple


Created by Emmacakes69, Sophanem entered Rotation alongside Scorched Canyon in January 2015. It stayed in rotation until the Summer 2015 update when it was removed entirely. It was one of the first maps to differentiate itself from the typical grey dwarven aesthetic by utilizing an Egyptian Desert theme. It returned as part of the Game Master Mode update.


Hearing distress calls from the Dry Dry Desert, the Dwarves venture out in search of their suffering comrads. This team of Dwarves came up upon a huge sand hill baked in the hot sun, this was the location of the calls. Digging into the sand, they found the remnants of a large tree and fountain, now replaced by a lava filled pool and a bloodsoaked oasis. Excavating further, the dwarves found a sphinx, and in it, a long forgotten pyramid. The Dwarves dug out the area, set up shrines and walls, and researched the fallen dwarves of the area. Soon enough, the Dwarves found why the past civilization was in such distress; Anubis rose from the sands, the monsters leaped from his head, and the dwarves set out to not repeat history a second time.