Skeletons are a special monster. They have long ranged attacks with a bow, with there being 2 types: Flame Lancers and Wither Skeletons.

Role Edit

The role of a skeleton is to deal ranged damage and to give dwarves negative status effects, they also have the ability to tear down walls with their arrows

See Monster Tactics for a guide on being an effective skeleton.

Items/Weapons Edit

Bone-Tooth Bow Edit

Seppuku Edit

"Are you stuck? What a failure of a monster you have become."


Skeleton Types Edit

There are 2 possible skeletons to choose from, each with differing abilities and uses:

  • Flame Lancer - A skeleton capable of launching volleys of flaming arrows at its enemies, they spawn with a stack of arrows. Dealing 2.5 hearts plus 5 sec fire conflagration ( 1 heart per 1/2 sec) and shreading 25 armor per hit (fire does 5 per tick)
  • Skeleton
    Wither Skeleton
    - A powerful skeleton, capable of killing dwarves in as few as 3 consecutive shots with its wither arrows and wither effect, they spawn with two stacks of arrows. Deal 3.5 hearts and 800 armor damage.

- Rob has stated that impact skeletons (or infiltrators) will be coming back

  • Impactful Skeleton - A skeleton capable of launching dwarves away with its bow.