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The Shrine is a construction in the game that the dwarves defend. There are usually 3 shrines on a map, but maps can have anywhere from 1 to 4 shrines. Some Epic Mode maps can have 9 shrines. To capture a shrine, the mobs must stand near the shrine and outnumber the dwarves approximately 5 to 1. If the shrine is not fully taken, the dwarves can regenerate it by standing near the shrine. The first shrines usually do not recharge, on a small portion of the maps will they have the ability to recharge. Shrines have a standard capture radius of 10 blocks, but this may vary on some special shrines.

Every time the mobs take a shrine, their spawn is set there, and the dwarves must retreat, lest they get hit by Mob spawn protection. Mob spawn protection removes all positive potion effects the dwarf had, prevents the ability to start or roll a proc (Although they can still 1 shot monsters for the duration of the proc they got before entering spawn protection) and applies Nausea and Poison debuffs if a dwarf stays there for too long. Any dwarf that stays in mob protection for too long will have their armor destroyed and have large amounts of damage dealt to them.

When the shrine falls, all monsters will get Slowness, Nausea, and Weakness temporarily, and all the dwarves will get a small P.R.O.C. Also, Bruce will say one of three warnings:


When the Final Shrine is taken, the game ends and all the dwarves are teleported there and stripped of their armor. Monsters get Regeneration II and Strength II, so any zombies can oneshot the dwarves.

If any monster walks too close to the next shrine on the map after the one that is under attack, they will be smitten by the Shrine. This can be prevented by getting the Thunder Attuned upgrade for the Skeleton.

Rats and Bopen's Pirates have the ability to steal gold from the shrine by right-clicking on the shrine blocks.