Scrolls I


Scrolls II


Scrolls III

The Scrolls of Magic Stone were introduced as part of the Summer 2015 update as a replacement to Slabs. Each Scroll creates an 11x5x3 slab of Blue Stonebrick, centered 3 blocks away from the user in the direction they are facing.
Level Number of Scrolls Gold Cost Loadout Cost
I 1 3000 2
II 3 6000 4
III 5 9000 6



Scrolls of Stone are meant for impromptu building and repairing. They can only be used after the Event has happened to prevent Dwarf griefing during the Build Phase. Scrolls are great for mending holes in walls or defenses as the more hectic nature of the Battle Phase makes it difficult to manually repair a wall. Due to the limited time of the Build Phase it's not always possible to fully fortify a Keep, so Scrolls can be used as a quick way to build extra defenses on the latter parts of a map.

Slabbing or Blocking off is a known occurrence when using Scrolls of Stone. This is when a Scroll is used to block the path of the Monsters, temporarily preventing them from advancing. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this. The main advantage is that it brings combat (for the most part) to a halt. Giving the Dwarves a chance to regroup, repair armour and defenses and prepare for another round of combat. This can be particularly effective if done when a Doom Clock Event occurs, as the majority of the monsters may become in equipped to deal with them. The main disadvantage is that it can doom fellow Dwarves. If a friendly player gets stuck on the wrong side of the Slab then they are open to the full force of the Monsters with no means of retreat to the safety of the Shrine. This style of gameplay can be frustrating to some, as it means neither Monsters nor Dwarves can engage in combat until a path has been made, resulting in a downtime where there isn't any action. If the Dwarves use multiple Scrolls, or use Scrolls in conjunction with Wizard Mortar then it is possible to extend the downtime by reinforcing the Slab repeatedly.