• Outside Overview
  • Mob Assault
  • Mob Spawn
  • Scorched Shrine (First Shrine)
  • Dwarven Defense
  • Dwarf Spawn
  • The Great Hall
  • The Great Hall Ceiling Fresco (The Passing of the Ale)
  • Lower Corridor
  • Upper Corridor
  • Retreat Shrine (Second Shrine)
  • Spiral Descent
  • The Forge Shrine (Third Shrine)
  • Mine Entryway
  • The Grand Boltazeer Shrine (Fourth Shrine)


Created by Doom_Bringer, it was submitted to the DvZ subreddit not long after the move to Buffalo Wizards. It underwent several iterations following test games before entering Rotation alongside Sophanem some time in January 2015. It was the first 4 Shrine map in rotation and stayed in Rotation until the Summer 2015 Update when it was removed entirely. It had a mixed reception due to both its size and the difficulty of its final Shrine. It returned to DvZ as part of the Game Master Mode.


Deep in the heart of the Dwarven homeland stands a sacred civilization. Built in the youth of the Dwarven race, the Ancients that erected the structures have long been forgotten but the monuments they left behind stand as a testament to Dwarven ingenuity. The once bountiful canyon was filled with lush wildlife but it held another secret, one of riches. With their quest for gold legendary, the Dwarves mined into the very walls of the ravine. The riches they found within the walls of the canyon were plentiful and so they continued. Lost in their greed they didn't notice the impending evil set to cleanse the world of Dwarven kind, they didn't notice the oncoming hordes sent to slay their brothers and sisters, and they didn't notice the Dragon that glazed their canyon... Trees turned to ash, the soil melted beneath their feet, the water boiled away and all life was diminished.

Tainted with death, the once Sacred Canyon was abandoned, it wasn't until the dying days of Dwarven kind that they returned. Hoping to change their fate they set about preparing for war. With a decrepit front wall, a fading tree and ample resources the outlook seemed bleak. But the keep is extensive; reaching deep into the crust of the Earth. The Great Hall filled with literature of Dwarven History and a commemorative fresco, now holds the tools of war. The retreat from the mine now serves as a hold for the hallowed Shrine. Spiraling downwards, the forges that formerly processed all the minerals from the mine fell into disrepair and the room was sealed. The remnants of said mine were outfitted to hold The Grand Boltazeer Shrine, the last hope for defending their heritage. Isolated and outnumbered, four shrines are all that stand in the Monsters way before they can finally claim the Canyon for themselves.