Plague is the event in the evening of the first day that kills a portion of the dwarves. If a player has coward points they are more likely to get plague.

Zombie Plague Edit

The Zombie Plague randomly selects dwarves to turn into zombies that can hit other dwarves to infect them. Once enough dwarves are infected, the zombies can no longer spread the plague.

If a dwarf is infected, they will see this message:

"You are starting to feel a bit sick"

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 1.01.49 PM

Sickening message

After 10 seconds, they will transform and see this message:
Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 1.02.30 PM

Transforming message

"You feel the urge to spread the plague by attacking the dwarves!"

Dragon Rage Edit

Dragon Rage allows dwarves to attack each other. If enough dwarves do not kill each other then the ones who have hit others the least die to heart attacks, so it is important to actually attack people.

Death Edit

Death spawns in the form of an enderman who teleports to a dwarf, instantly killing them and then teleporting to the nearest player and killing them. This causes a chain of dwarves dying close to each other. It is impossible to outrun Death, but one can get further than other dwarves nearer to Death to survive.

Assassins Edit

A group of dwarves are chosen to be assassins, they can attack and be attacked by other dwarves. They do more damage than normal dwarves.

Old Plague Edit

A group of dwarves wither away. This is a game master only type plague.

Horseman Edit

The Horseman is an admin event where one of the admins plays as a Headless Horseman

Dragon Edit

The Dragon is an admin event where one of the admins plays as a Dragon and attacks the Dwarves. The dragon is usually Daragor.

Mother NatureEdit

Mother Nature is an admin event based around the weather. This admin event uses tornadoes and lightning to kill dwarves.