Game proc

"Powerful Rampage of Course"

PROC is an ability that can be obtained when a dwarf with a Greater Runeblade, BruceWillakers or Nisovin kills a monster with their melee weapon, when a dwarf kills a mob by shooting him with the Dragonskin Bow, when a Dwarf with an Axe of Malice activates his axe or when Bruce blows his horn. PROCs kill any monsters where the Dwarf hits with the exception of golems and ogres and some Doom Event Monsters. PROC lasts 3 seconds for Greater Runeblade users and for Nisovin, Bruce's PROC lasts for 5 seconds. Dwarves with the Axe of Malice have an 8 second PROC when activated, however, the PROC cannot be "rolled" to reset the timer. PROCs only from Bruce Willakers can be seen as green sparkles.