Game Master Mode is bought on the Buffalo Wizards buycraft website for 10$ USD.

This mode gives you the option to change your game to be special.


Map Choice: GM's are able to choose at of these maps currently

  • Ancient Grove
  • Archives
  • Astral Isles
  • Bellows
  • Belly Of The Beast
  • Daragor's Lair
  • The Dirge
  • Dogekac Rebaked
  • Doom Rift
  • Forgotten Asylum
  • Forgotten Mines
  • Frost Hold Canyon
  • Frozen Valley
  • Glitterhelm
  • Grapevine Vale
  • Hergesnerv
  • Ice Plains
  • The Machine
  • Mt Willakers
  • Nismas HQ
  • Northern Logging Keep
  • The Paladirnoom
  • Plains
  • Rainbowland
  • Santa Willy's Workshop
  • Scorched Canyon
  • Skalamyr
  • Sophanem
  • Tinkerton
  • Trojan Keep
  • Tree Of Eenoln
  • West Delphia

Plague Choice: Choice of event to kill dwarves for the mob team.

  • Random [A Random Plague is Chosen from the following list]
  • Old Plague [Random dwarves are effected with wither and able to be killed by dwarves]
  • Zombie Plague [Random dwarves are turned into zombies to infect other players]
  • Dragon Rage [All dwarves will gain a rage to kill eachother]
  • DEATH [An enderman teleports around killing a certain amount of dwarves]
  • Assassins [Random dwarves have been chosen to assassinate other dwarves]

Copy kit mode: Enables GM to have everyone use the GM's kit or have them use their normal if it is turned off.

Random Hats: All players get random hats [Except Heroes]

Moon Mode: Dwarves get jump boost

No Ai Mode: name says it all.

Panic Mode: start game with a 1 minute build phase, all dwarves joining start with armor.

Once all these are bought the GM's game will start soon and they will only be able to have a green title : "Game Master NAME" and no other powers.