Ogres Edit

Ogres are tanks with a decent damage. They have 80% damage reduction (opposed to the normal 60% that all other monsters have), and they have a total of 50 hearts. Arrows do little damage to them because of their 90% arrow resist, even a fully powered Ranger's Longbow does around 4 hearts of damage. The best way to kill them is for Bruce to proc, Roamin to purify them for 2.5 secs, them or to use an Elven Dagger to wither them down in health 6 hits (with poison included) or 4 evicerates to kill them.

They are proc immune, knockback immune, arrow immune(They can take 100 arrows or 13 longbow shots), and have a new 50% sos resist (sos only doing 30 hearts) rate making them one of the most tanky classes.

Ogre Club Edit

This deals a total of 21 (2.1 hearts) raw damage to a dwarf and 1 armor damage, and this also has Knockback IV (16 blocks). The Club can toss dwarves around and possibly place them in dangerous situations. This also allows the Orge to trap someone in a corner and they will be unable to escape.

PROCed damage to kill Ogers: Malice axe 11 hits, Runeblade 15 hits, hammer 25-12 hits depends on rank.