• Mob Spawn
  • View of the First Shrine
  • Blacksmith, Ravine and the Asylum
  • Looking to Mob Spawn over the First Shrine
  • The Asylum, the First Shrine and the Quarry Entrance.
  • Quarry Pit
  • Lumber
  • Oil
  • Asylum Overview
  • Lava Ravine
  • Ravine Bridge
  • Asylum Entrance
  • Second Shrine
  • Secondary Armoury, Path from Second
  • Secondary Oil and Staircase
  • Cellar Entryway
  • The Cellars
  • Cellar Well
  • Original Final Shrine (No Longer Accurate)
  • Night View of the Mob Spawn

Created by Alderdash and Falldamage312, it was submitted as Vaar-Cz'h Asylum to the DvZ subreddit before being tested and added to rotation. Asylum was one of the two maps Nisovin setup and tested during a DvZ Dev Stream in early 2015. It entered Rotation shortly afterwards but was later altered by Nisovin to make the Final Shrine easier for the Monsters. It stayed in Rotation until the Summer 2015 update when it was removed from rotation. It returned to rotation in the Game Master Mode update.


In the volcanic craters of the east, there lies an asylum, one long forgotten by Willakers and his dwarves. It originally housed numerous insane dwarves, that thought themselves as elves and orgres and even monsters themselves! Travelling towards distress beacons further east, he came upon this sight, of those original inmates, going back to their instincts, and defending against the monster horde for the shrine.