Most damage in Dwarves vs. Zombies is based off of two different mechanics, the first of these is attributes, which are set damage values on an item which can be observed using F3+H on a non mac computer. The second is spell damage, which is a set amount of damage determined by a spell from the Magic Spells plugin, some of these spells bypass buffs, including armor, absorption hearts, and resistance, which will be called true spell damage. Several other forms of damage are found in potion damage over time (DoT) effects and the strength or fury (FotN) effects.

All damage values listed here will be from fully upgraded dwarves or monsters.

Dwarves and HeroesEdit

Player type Item Upgrades  Type of Damage Damage Value
Dwarf Dwarven Runeblade Sharpen Runeblade Attribute +10
Dwarf Dwarven Shortbow Shortbow Mastery Spell +22 (W/No roof)
Dwarf Lumberjack Axe None Attribute +6
BruceWillakers Excaliju None Attribute +20
BruceWillakers Virendra Shortbow Mastery Spell ?
RoaminThePaladin Holy Purifier None True Spell +8
NisovinsIllusion Tinderflame MV711 (laser) None Spell +24
NisovinsIllusion Wand of Limited Probabilities (Explosion/Tinderflame) None True Spell ?

Basic MonstersEdit

Monster Item Upgrade Type of Damage Value
Zombie Makeshift Blade Raw Power, Fury of the Night Attribute, Strength +15 
Impactful Skeleton Bonetooth Bow Elven Force Spell ?
Fire Skeleton Bonetooth Bow Elven Force, Fire Arrows Spell, Fire (DoT) ?
Poison Skeleton Bonetooth Bow Elven Force, Poison Arrows  Spell, Poison (DoT) ?
Wither Skeleton Bonetooth Bow Elven Force, Wither Arrows, Sniper Spell, Wither (DoT) ?(Sniper multiplier)
Blasting Creeper Explosion Blasting, Enraged Creeper Spell  ?
Destruction Creeper Explosion None Spell ?

Special MonstersEdit


Item Type of Damage Damage Value
Iron Golem Ancient Pickaxe Attribute +36
Wolverine Wolf Fangs Attribute, FotN +16
Digging Zombie Broken Pickaxe Attribute, FotN +15 
Spiderling Spiderling Fangs Attribute, Poison (DoT) +15
Venomburner Spider Fangs Attribute, Fire (Spell, DoT) +10
Rat Rat Talons Attribute +1

Admin Event MonstersEdit

Monster Item Type of Damage Value
Daragor Fire Breath True Spell Fire (DoT) +?
Daragor World Cracker Spell Instant Death
Daragor Dragon Talons Vanilla Fall Damage
Daragor ? ?
Kraken World Cracker Spell Instant Death