"With this Bow, you fire bolts of pure dwarven strength. Hitting demons with this bow grant nearby dwarves a Powerful Rampage for 3 seconds."

  • Overview
  • Abilities
  • Strategies

Overview Edit

The Emerald bow is the ranged weapon in the default Cleric class. It costs 20.000 gold to be purchased for a custom loadout and takes 16 points to be placed into a load out. The emerald bow has an arrow cap of 20 arrows and Massive quiver will take this up to 40 arrows. The emerald bow may not be used with other bow classes. Hitting mobs with this can grant allies procs greatly adding support to fellow dwarves.

Abilities Edit

Gives powerful rampage to dwarves in a 3 block radius around monster it hits. This does AOE damage shooting 3 shots at once all doing 15 damage (3 hearts individually making a total of 9 hearts of damage) it takes 3 strokes of all shots hitting to kill a zombie. This bow also is a cast meaning you don't have to have it in your hands when it goes off its sniper-like behavior make it the longest accurate shooting bow. It also pierces through walls. It also currently has the ability to react PROC, which means if you are Proced and switch to the bow you can AOE PROC zombies thus giving nearby Dwarves a PROC as well.

Strategies Edit

The emerald bow provides a lot of new gameplay mechanic that we are not used to. Not only do you have the ability to give other dwarfs a proc, but you are also able to pierce via other dwarfs and monsters! however the casting time is rather slow.

Proc Edit

When you acquire a proc, either from a horn proc or one you have managed to get yourself. You are able to use that proc with the emerald bow and one shot monsters (that are procable). This will also trigger the proc effect, that means you're able to help out a jimmy in need if you shot a monster around him.

Bow Blading Edit

Bow blading is the next tactic on the list. The idea is to share your proc while you´re in melee range, this tactic is meant to be used indoors but depending on the map you could do it where ever you can. The idea is really similar to bruces dual wielding sword tactic, you´re not able to gain a proc yourself with the bow if your melee with it.  Once you acquire a proc, you need to make sure that there is more monsters and dwarfs around you. Continue to switch over to your emerald bow to then punch another procable monster. In return you will start a AOE proc(4 block radius) around you, but you will not acquire this proc. that is why you are now switching back to your main weapon to continue the proc.