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Dwarves vs. Zombies is a Minecraft role-play mini game originally created by Robert Moran.
The game sets the player in an ancient dwarven civilization in which the remaining dwarves are to make their last stand against the coming hordes of monsters

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Buffalo Wizards

warves vs. Zombies

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Dwarves vs. Zombies is a large scale role-playing game. At most 70 people can play in a single normal round. 50 people are required to start a round, but if the player requirement is not met, the game will require 5 less players every 10 minutes. Games with 45 or more players will spawn with 3 heroes, games that start with 35 players will spawn with 2 heroes, games with 25 players will start with 1 hero, and games under 25 players will have no heroes.

When the game begins, all players spawn as a dwarf and their task is to gather supplies, weapons, and fortify their keep in anticipation for the coming invasion. The dwarves will have one Minecraft day to prepare for the invasion. The ultimate goal of the dwarves is to defend their shrines from the oncoming hordes - however, they will inevitably fall. The hordes of monsters are endless, and the dwarves are few. Additionally, dwarves cannot respawn - once a dwarf is dead, he or she becomes a monster.

As night falls, roughly twenty percent of the dwarves will be randomly selected to die to a plague. The goal of the monsters is to destroy all the dwarven shrines. It is very difficult for most monsters to fight a dwarf in single combat - monsters must rely on numbers to overwhelm and destroy the dwarves. As more dwarves are killed, the ranks of the monsters will grow and the dwarves will be forced to retreat. Eventually, the monsters will overwhelm the first shrine, which will move their spawn up to that point, forcing the dwarves to retreat to the next shrine. This process repeats until the final shrine is reached, where the dwarves must fight to the end to defend their shrine. The game ends when all the dwarves are dead or all the dwarven shrines have been destroyed.

Remember, it is impossible for dwarves to win. The only goal for the dwarves is to protect their shrines as long as possible and kill as many monsters as they can.

As of January 2019, the buffalowizards server has closed down. Marking the end of an era and the ending of one of the greatest minecraft legacies of all time. Rest in peace DvZ may you never be forgotten.

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