This page is about the Dwarven Armor Item (golden chestplate). For the diamond armor that dwarves wear, go to Armor (Mechanics).

"How do you put it on? That's a good question. I just always get some other jimmy to help me." - Lance Willakers

Dwarven Armor is

Crafting Edit

To craft Dwarven Armor, dwarves need a Mighty Pick, and a Blacksmiths Table, which looks like an animated vanilla Minecraft piston. To start, dwarves need to right click on the top of the piston to place a block. Next, while holding their pick, dwarves must hold right click on the block. A hammering sound will play, and the dwarf will be surrounded in smoke particles. Keep holding right click until the block smooths and the sounds and animations cease. Lastly, break the smooth block with the pick which will allow the dwarf to receive a piece of Dwarven Armor.

The Stages of Crafting Armor:

1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage Forged Armor
Wool colored magenta
Wool colored yellow
Wool colored orange
Gold block-0

Usage Edit

The Dwarven Armor is used for armoring a fellow dwarf. To armor a dwarf, dwarves must hold the armor in their hand and punch an unarmored dwarf. Dwarves can not place armor on themselves.

It is not needed to make more armor than is needed to armor fellow dwarves as the Dwarven Armor serves no other purpose, as cannot be used once a dwarf has armor.