Shrines are the important structures that guard the Dwarven Keeps, smiting any monsters that dare get close to them.

Shrine Powers Edit

The main power that the shrine offers is an instant death for any monster that draws to close. This can be very helpful as use for cover when a dwarf needs a break from the battle. Other than that, the only defense of the shrine are the dwarves themselves.

Information Edit

Monsters that get too close to the current shrine will begin to sap its power. This only includes player monsters. Any number of AI Zombies can be near a shrine, and it will not deplete in power.

The first shrine will almost never have the power to recharge. Any power that is drained from it is power that the shrine loses permanently. (A few of the older maps may have a recharging first shrine) Therefore, any player monsters will try and hide near the first shrine, as that is the best way to sap the shrine. Look for caves/mountains near the shrine, and guard them well.

The second shrine will be able to recharge, albeit at a slow rate. This shrine is usually held for a long time, and can be defended fairly easily. Normally, the Shrine's box (if there is one) will be a key factor in how long the dwarves can defend. No shrine box means a harder defense. (Shrine boxes are explained below)

The final shrine is the dwarves' last defense of the game, as once it falls, the game ends. This shrine is only sapped when the monsters outnumber the dwarves 5:1 (e.g. 5 dwarves left would need 25 monsters + 1 to start draining the final shrine) near the shrine.

Strategies Edit

Shrine BoxesEdit

A Shrine Box is a structure that tightens the space in a shrine, making it easier for the dwarves to defend. This results from the dwarves in a tighter space and the monsters are close to each other, so PROCs can be rolled more easily.

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