This page outlines the mechanics for both dwarven bows and Bone Tooth Bows.

Dwarven Bow Mechanics Edit

There are six variations of bows used by dwarves - Dwarven Shortbow, Dragonskin Bow, Ranger's Longbow, Lightbow, Emeraldbow, Warpwearver bow, Crossbow and Virendra.

Drawing back a bow determines the speed, power and distance the arrow will travel, however, there are some exceptions to these rules that applies to certain bows:

  • Most bows have a base damage of 50(25 hearts) but that does 20 damage(10 hearts) through 60% resistance. All bows but the emerald grant x2 bonus damage to AI. The dragon skin has power 30 but still grants bonus damage to AI.
  • Crossbows shoot instantly and will do the damage equivalent of that of a fully charged Lightbow.

Dwarven bows (with the exception of Virendra and a fully charged Ranger's Longbow) deal 10 hearts of damage to any player mob with Resistance III and one-shot AI zombies at maximum draw.

Arrows automatically regenerate in the player's inventory, at one arrow every 5 seconds. The number of arrow changes with every bow. the Dragonskin Bow gets 10 arrows, while the Dwarven Shortbow, the Ranger's Longbow, the Lightbow and the crossbow all have 20 arrows. However, every bow can be upgraded to a max of 40 arrows with the Massive Quiver. Virenda has a max 64 arrows regardless of if your kit has Massive Quiver or not (because it's a hero item and not affected by ANY of your loadout choices).

Bone Tooth Bow Edit

The Bone Tooth Bow uses similar mechanics to the dwarven bows. Drawing back the bow will allow the arrow to fly faster, do more damage, and fly further, but the distance between the shooter and the target does not matter.

All Skeletons use the Bone Tooth Bow.