Dwarven Armor Edit

Dwarven Armor can be given to a dwarf by another dwarf by left clicking with a chestplate in their hand. The chestplate can be obtained by mining golden blocks, which are found at the Blacksmith Table.

When a Dwarven Armor is used on a Dwarf, they receive Diamond Armor enchanted with Unbreaking 1. This is for cosmetic effect only for the enchant glow. In addition, the armor gives 10 additional hearts.

To the right of the health bar, dwarves will see the armor bar. This represents the durability of their Dwarven Armor. Dwarven Armor becomes weaker as the armor bar depletes. As the armor bar goes down, the dwarves will take more damage and regenerate mana more slowly. At two armor points, mana will regenerate at a very slow 5 mana a second rate. At one armor point, mana will only regenerate at 2 mana a second. If a dwarf has less than 300 mana, they will begin to bleed. When a dwarf has less than three out of ten armor left, they can no longer sprint.

Dwarven Armor can be repaired using gold from the Current Shrine.

There are a few ways to repair armor:

  • A dwarf can stand next to the shrine. The shrine will slowly drain in gold. This method is quite fast, and a dwarf can repair their armor to full from nothing in about 15 seconds or so.
  • Another dwarf can right click with a pickaxe on someone else to repair around them, that also takes gold from the current shrine.
  • If a dwarf has Wiggly Wrenches, they can left click one of them in their hand to fully repair their armor which takes 15 gold from the shrine.
  • A dwarf can heal another dwarf with the Regrowth Star, which also repairs armor. This is slower than shrine repair but is the most efficient way as it takes no gold.
  • If a dwarf has a warhammer, they can hold right click with it to slowly regenerate armor and mana. This does not use gold but is rather slow.

Hero Armor Edit

The BruceWillakers, NisovinsIllusion, and RoaminThePaladin heroes spawn with armor in the form of a hat. This gives them 20 additional hearts and they also have a resistance effect. They do not lose armor, they cannot be repaired, and they cannot be armored.

Monster Armor Edit

The Zombie mob has a Tough Flesh upgrade that increases its overall health. There are multiple different levels of this armor. Zombies can also receive the Missile Guard perk, which gives them 60% reducement of arrow damage if upgraded fully.

The Iron Golem receives special armor, increasing its total health to 100 hearts and giving Protection X and Projectile Protection II. However, it also requires the Golem to jump in order to move.

The Ogre spawns with ogre flesh, giving it an additional 40 hearts and 95% resistance to arrow damage and resistance IV (4).